Monday, June 20, 2011

Horde4 debian packages - Second round

Nearly half a year passed since I started my first attempt at Debian packages for Horde4. Back then it was just about snapshots which I generated via a continuous integration setup. But Horde4 has been released now, there are packages and it is time for the real thing.

I did get a first set of packages installable today but this is just the initial draft. The main point about it is that the majority of it is automated.

If you want more details and the installation steps then I would suggest to follow my discussion with Mathieu Parent on These were the mails exchanged so far (with the last two detailing my current status):

  1. On PEAR packaging (25.5., Mathieu)
  2. On PEAR packaging (7.6., Gunnar)
  3. On PEAR packaging (7.7., Mathieu)
  4. On PEAR packaging (17.7., Gunnar)
  5. On PEAR packaging (20.7., Gunnar)

There is not much more to say right now. Any testing and feedback is welcome and there is obviously still a lot of work ahead until this pops up in your default package channels. But it is at least on the horizon and the variant that I ship on should become useable very soon.


  1. Hallo,
    I have installed on squeeze. All fine, but I can not login over horde. I can login over imp,- there is cyrus. I don´t know what to do. Pam is installed and on.

    Kindly Regards
    M. Schiedel

  2. Nice to hear the installation went fine!

    For configuration problems you should definitely contact us via the mailing list (see ).

    I'm one of the Horde developers and I'll be listening and answering there as well.

    Please make sure you add a bit more detail when writing to the list. I assume you have something in the log files which might already help. And don't forget to mention that you used these Debian packages. This method of installation is highly experimental so far.



  3. Very interesting reading and actually I learn a lot from the debian approach for my own packaging adventures on OpenSUSE.

    Maybe it would be worth to put the definition files from your automated run into an obs repository. It's a little like Continuous Integration for distribution packages and allows simultaneous build against different .deb targets (debian 5 and 6, Ubuntu 11.04 Ubuntu 10.10 Ubuntu 10.04 Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu 8.04 Ubuntu 6.06 as of now).

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the packages. Is there an easy step installation tut?