Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mixing stable Horde components with snapshots

One thing I completely love about Horde 4 being a component framework is the ability to have stable installations into which I can inject experimental snapshots of packages further developed, patched or hacked in some other way. Just an overview of one such installation:

PACKAGE                   VERSION              STATE
Horde_ActiveSync          1.0.0                stable
Horde_Alarm               1.0.1                stable
Horde_Argv                1.0.1                stable
Horde_Auth                1.0.3                stable
Horde_Autoloader          1.0.0                stable
Horde_Browser             1.0.0                stable
Horde_Cache               1.0.3                stable
Horde_Cli                 1.0.0                stable
Horde_Compress            1.0.1                stable
Horde_Constraint          1.0.0                stable
Horde_Controller          1.0.0                stable
Horde_Core                1.1.2dev201105300702 stable
Horde_Crypt               1.0.2                stable
Horde_Data                1.0.0                stable
Horde_DataTree            1.0.0                stable
Horde_Date                1.0.1                stable
Horde_Date_Parser         1.0.0                stable
Horde_Db                  1.0.1                stable
Horde_Editor              1.0.1                stable
Horde_Exception           1.0.1                stable
Horde_Feed                1.0.1dev201106011224 stable
Horde_Form                1.0.1                stable
Horde_Group               1.0.0                stable

How do you get these snapshots? Ensure you have the horde-component helper set up. Then enter the package you wish to snapshot (e.g. Horde_Core) and run:

horde-components snapshot

The snapshot package will be assembled in this directory, can be uploaded to your webserver and installed using:

pear upgrade --offline --force Horde_Core-1.1.2dev201105300702.tgz

What happens if you patched and deployed your package, sent the patch upstream, it gets accepted and a new package released?

pear upgrade horde/Horde_Core


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