Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Horde4 package mill for Debian

As mentioned before p@rdus intends to provide Horde4 packages for Debian beside the Kolab specific OpenPKG based build. The first steps of this process have been taken now and another Hudson based package mill has been created for the task. The new system bundles Horde4 packages for Debian after each upstream commit and lives here.

This is just considered a first step on the way to a full Debian release as there will be a fair amount of quality control required to get the packages fit for wider distribution. In addition the exact policy on how to handle PEAR packages on Debian is apparently still under debate. p@rdus will join this discussion now with a set of more than 50 PEAR based packages in tow.

The timing for this seems just right as there are still a few weeks left until Horde4 will see its first release. So there should be enough time to ensure that there are no major conflicts between PEAR based and Debian packaging.

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