Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Horde continuous integration got updated

The Horde continuous integration server received an update to the most recent version of Jenkins. In addition two new jobs were added to the system: Kolab_Storage and Imap_Client. May they stay forever green! The total number of packages under CI surveillance is 48 by now.

Will have to think about ownCloud

While I'm still waiting for the Horde 4 interview with Jan Schneider to appear on Radio Tux I got a reminder to think about ownCloud. While writing this I am listening to the interview about ownCloud.

I'm not yet certain it is actually different to Horde. Of course the way both projects started and the ideas behind them differ. But a lot of the targets seem to be very similar. In any case I need to identify if there are any bridges that could be easily built.

I'm mainly interested in seeing what kind of APIs they provide to the outside and whether this could be offered by Horde as well to support connecting desktop clients. Or maybe Horde could be integrated as a data serving backend. Of course ownCloud still lacks one thing: a decent storage backend. No Kolab support so far ;) ...

A number of Kolab_* releases on files.kolab.org

Yesterday and this morning I released Kolab_FreeBusy-0.5.2, Kolab_Server-0.5.1, and Kolab_Storage-0.5.1. All of these are bug fix releases for the Kolab server.

With Horde 4 being deployed via pear.horde.org I cannot release the Kolab_* packages from the Horde 3 branch via that channel anymore. So you can expect updates to hit files.kolab.org exclusively. I don't like that too much but as Horde 3 was not yet released via PEAR and the Kolab_* releases are only targeted at the Kolab server this compromise makes sense.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Horde PHP?

LinuxTag was really nice for the Horde project because of all that positive feedback to our recent release and the valuable suggestions for stuff that would be nice to have in Horde. Might be worth another blog post. Here I just wanted to log one of the funnier conversations I had ...

"Is Horde PHP?"


"Do you use unit tests?"

"Absolutely. We got about 3000 of those."

"Oh, great. Mind writing an article about PHP Unit testing in Linux Magazine?"


Monday, May 16, 2011

Video of the Horde 4 talk on CeBIT

A while ago I presented a talk for the Horde Project on CeBIT 2011. The link to the corresponding video comes somewhat late but here it is: Horde 4 (the talk is in German).

I could have used better slides, I could have stopped saying "eh", and so on and so on - always nice to see yourself talking in order to improve. But I felt the content is okay and still relevant. Feedback welcome!

Blogging via Jonah with the Kolab backend

This should be the first blog entry using Horde 4 Jonah with a Kolab backend. This obviously still needs a lot of improvement but it means I can finally store one additional data element I work with in my favourite storage backend. And export it to the cloud on demand.