Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sync my Kolab

SyncML support for the Kolab server has been requested for several years now. Supporting it via the modules available within Horde always seemed to be one the of easiest ways to get mobile clients to synchronize with the server. Since the newest Kolab server release candidates now provide Horde, how far is SyncML support away?

Not far at all... Univention contracted p@rdus via the Kolab Konsortium to implement SyncML support within the Kolab server.

Initially a version that would require an additional MySQL database was planned but p@rdus invested some additional time into generating purely IMAP based drivers so that SyncML support will also be available within the next Kolab release (the Kolab server does not use MySQL at all by default).

Today I was able to sync the Blackberry provided by the customer for the first time. Contacts, events, tasks all survived my minimal testing. Of course the same procedure failed once I gave the customer access to the test server...

So right now I'm entering the debugging phase and I'm starting to prepare some scripts so that people eager to try the SyncML support can install an experimental Horde version on an external web server.


A script for installing horde from CVS is now available. It also installs all the required Kolab patches for SyncML support.

You can fetch and run it like this:

chmod u+x

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flow control in screen

A reminder for myself: Second time that my emacs session within screen suddenly didn't respond to Ctrl+s anymore. The command would somehow be piped through to bash directly and thus send a STOP signal. Unlocking the screen with Ctrl+q was easy but the new Ctrl-s meaning effectively killed my save-buffer command in emacs. While I noticed that I had hit some incorrect key combination I was not exactly certain which one. This happened before and I didn't have the time to check for the origin of the problem last time. This time I found the required hint. I must have hit Ctrl-a f accidentally thus activating flow control.