Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Horde 4/Kolab road map update

The roadmap for Horde 4/Kolab that was published in November needs some adjustments. This represents an updated version:

  • [06.12.10] COMPLETED - Horde 4 Portal + Mail
  • [22.02.11] Horde 4 Calendar (alpha)
  • [22.03.11] Horde 4 Addressbook, Notes, Tasks (beta)
  • [12.04.11] Horde 4/Kolab Final

There were several factors that made the corrections necessary:

  • The Horde/Kolab integration machinery needs some more work to allow using the new Horde 4 IMAP capabilites to the full extent in order to benefit from a major performance boost. This delays the release of the calendar.
  • The number of pre-releases initially planned was just too high and needed to be reduced. This joins the releases of the other applications.
  • The Horde development team decided on a final release date for Horde 4 so it is now possible to add a release date for the first stable Horde 4/Kolab release.
  • Releases were switched to Tuesdays.

You are encouraged to watch the Horde commit stream. There are a lot of Kolab related commits flying by at the moment. More on the changes soon.


  1. Hi Gunnar,

    as I have used Horde for several years now and I really appreciate that the developement of Horde 4 has seen big leaps in the last months and that the state of developement has become more transparent. I am a user of the Groupware Webmail Edition. It seems to me that most things Horde 4 are very "kolab centric" right now. Are there plans to keep up the standalone installations or will the Horde future be kolab-only?



  2. @Twilek:

    Oh, ... Horde 4 is not "Kolab centric" at all. Not even a bit :)

    Kind of interesting that you made this statement. I assume the fact that I blogged so much about this led to this conclusion on your side?

    I guess I am just the most verbose one of the Horde developers at the moment. But there are at least six core developers and I am the only one doing any Kolab stuff. SQL-based will of course remain the main variant supported by the Horde team.

    It is also interesting that you mentioned "that the state of developement has become more transparent". I guess I'll ping the other dev's about your comment. Maybe this will lead to a few more blog posts to our Planet Horde feed concerning "non-Kolab topics". Rest assured: There are many when it comes to Horde 4.

    And once I'm done with my Kolab refactorings I might even take more time to blog about those. I do after all also believe there is so much cool stuff in the Horde code base that needs much wider publicity.

    Thanks for your feedback!


  3. A thats good to hear. I have followed the Kolab development with interest and would probably use it today if I started out with a fresh system. But changing my running setup right now would be too much of a hassle.

    Until now it was very hard to find out how far the Horde development had progressed. I used to have a bleeding edge Horde git install until the previous year and even then you had to closely monitor what was commited to find out what was up.

    Although I think that the developers should focus on keeping up developing on that high level of quality that they have delivered so far (big Kudos! Horde would be fantastic as a commercial product and is unbelievable as open source software) a little line here and there about what just is in the pipes would be appreciated by the users I guess.

    I absolutely agree that Horde has not had the publicity it deserves! I kind of think that a bit of that also was intentional to keep it out of the mainstream sector to not attract unwanted attention by trolls and their ilk.

    I am very much looking forward to the upcoming release of Horde 4!

    Keep up the good work!