Monday, November 08, 2010

Horde4/Kolab road map

The current version of the Kolab web client saw its first real release on the Kolab Server in December 2007 and is based on Horde3. In 2008 p@rdus promised the switch to Horde4 for 2011.

In the past months the Horde development team has steadily progressed towards the first release of Horde4. With that being in sight now it finally makes sense to provide a detailed roadmap for Horde4/Kolab.

  • [06.12.10] Horde4 Portal
  • [13.12.10] Horde4 Mail
  • [20.12.10] Horde4 Mail on jQuery mobile
  • [07.02.11] Horde4 Calendar
  • [14.02.11] Horde4 Calendar on jQuery mobile
  • [28.02.11] Horde4 Addressbook
  • [07.03.11] Horde4 Tasks
  • [14.03.11] Horde4 Notes
  • [28.03.11] Horde4/Kolab Beta

Both jQuery mobile oriented projects are financed by p@rdus. These will not be able to compete with the full feature set of the default view but should be an interesting draft of mobile apps based on the Horde applications.

You are encouraged to measure the reliability of p@rdus on the basis of this timeline.

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