Thursday, February 10, 2011

IMAP capabilities of the Apache Zeta "Mail" component


I have been quite busy on the Horde Kolab_Storage component these past weeks. That involved working with four different PHP IMAP libraries:

I will definitely summarize the results here at a later point as there are many IMAP and also PHP specific IMAP lessons to be shared.

Right now I was pondering over the Apache Zeta "Mail" component though. It is great that it is available as a stand alone component. And I know it has been described as "Doing mail right". Which it may do.

But when it comes to "Doing mail over IMAP right" I must admit that I'm not so certain. The code seems to be very weak in terms of IMAP capabilities and it apparently supports only a tiny fraction of the complexity the IMAP protocol offers. A complexity that is needed however to perform mail access in an efficient way. And a complexity that is also required for getting Kolab data access right.

What I would like to know is if my quick browsing of the code gave me the right impression. Is there anyone out there saying that the Zeta Apache "Mail" component can actually be efficient when dealing with IMAP? If so I would make the effort in adding another backend driver to Kolab_Storage and include this one in the comparison that will eventually result from the recent Kolab_Storage refactorings.

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