Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Polymeraze: Time for merging

Polymeraze is a tool that I wrote about two years ago. This package allowed me to cope with more than ten Gentoo servers at the same time. One of the main problems with many machines is to keep up with the configuration of the machines.

Polymeraze allows you to create kind of knowledge base for configurations that can be applied to multiple hosts. It basically uses some template configurations which are being converted into the final configuration files by combining them with the specific host profile.

While this tool was extremely handy it was also a bad hack since I wired it directly into the Gentoo package management system. This basically never really worked but since I knew how to handle it I just didn't mind too much.

A while ago I realized that this tool has a few common properties with the good old "kolabconf" from the Kolab project. And since then I have dreamed of replacing kolabconf with a rewritten polymeraze.

I hope that this merge will finally lead to a tool that will allow to get a really solid Kolab server natively integrated into the Gentoo system.

Well, there is still plenty of work ahead. All I did so far is getting the project page up. And now it is time for coding...


  1. Uh, use puppet instead.

  2. Thanks for the hint. Puppet must have been started around the same time as I coded polymeraze and I never noticed it. Looks like I finally need to learn some ruby :)