Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Piping your blogroll

Finally I took the time to polish the blog layout. I took a look at my old blog and tried to convert all blod elements I had over there to this new site. Most stuff was rather easy. When it came to the blog roll I discovered that Google Reader is a decent friend here. They already offer a small widget that can be added to the site. It displays the feeds from a specific public folder that I can administrate within Google reader. Not that I'm really using the Reader for keeping up to date with my feeds, but keeping a blog roll there is fine. What I wanted in addition was a combined blog roll news feed. This wasn't available but I went over to Yahoo pipes and cloned an older pipe into a pipe that would grab and aggregate the feeds from a Google Reader folder. Works like a charm. All I had to do was to add a rather long feed URL to my side panel:\
The result is on the right in the little Blogroll - News box.
A short while later
I realized that I also get the same kind of feed from reader page directly. Stupid me. Anyhow, it was fun playing with Yahoo pipes...

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