Thursday, December 06, 2007

K2G: Kolab2/Gentoo getting attention again

Finally the Kolab2Gentoo project gets some attention again. I started fixing some older bugs but the main part will be to prepare for 2.2 now. I still hate the way the whole project is structured but there are too many places where massive improvements are needed. So I guess I have to be content with small progress. The stuff that is currently on my mind concerning Kolab2/Gentoo-2.2:
  • Update to Horde-3.2
  • Making the patched c-client and php packages recommended instead of required
  • Switching to a specific cyrus-imapd-kolab package
  • Template packages
And then there is the big, bad problem of the Kolab configuration concept that simply fails for Gentoo in its current form. The solution to that one will take even longer.

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