Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting CalDAV and CardDAV server capabilities within Horde

Would you like to sponsor CalDAV and CardDAV server capabilities within Horde? This has been a Horde feature wish for quite some time now. We would have liked to have it for Horde 4.0 already and it looked more feasible to get it with Horde 5.0. But ultimately we had to delay it again as the redesign had the priority.

We decided however that we would like to tackle the DAV topic with top priority right after Horde 5.0 has been released. And we already have some pledges of support to get the feature completed - but we would need a few more to get complete CalDAV and CardDAV support within Horde as the whole thing is a larger story.

If you have some interest in the functionality it would be great if you could contact us via info@horde.org. Or you could use the "Donate" button on our homepage.

Thanks for you support!


  1. I made a small personal contribution. Hope you’ve gotten at least a few more like mine. I would really like to see this feature ariving in Horde soon.

  2. I contributed as well!

  3. Is that feature still on your roadmap? It was deleted from http://www.horde.org/apps/horde/roadmap/ for the 5.1 release...

    1. I was supposed to be released at April, but now I don't know what to expect anymore :/

  4. It is part of the beta and has been released as planned.

  5. Carsten Witt10/08/2013 8:53 PM


    will Cal- & Carddav support extended for read-write access?