Thursday, March 08, 2012

Horde becomes biggest KDE sponsor!

Here at CeBIT we support our friendly neighbor project with a constant and vital support of gummy bears. As anyone knows these sweet animals can make the difference between one line of brilliant code and a dreadful spaghetti mess. Thus it is probably hard to deny that this fruitful collaboration turned Horde into one of the biggest KDE sponsors.

That being said: KDE, I'm already here, breakfast is ready ;)

Beside having fun in the open source area the second day was already packed with people here at CeBIT. We had plenty of Horde users which provided kind feedback. Some of them we could surprise with features they didn't know about. Others were happy to hear that "GPL" really means that they can use the software and modify it without being harassed with a lawsuit afterwards.

We had Horde newbies as well as free software newbies. Explaining how free software can result in a revenue was the easy part. Explaining why we have no strong interest in a product for obfuscating our code so that there is a decent protection against people trying to find security holes was ... sigh ... harder.

The most fascinating thing was a company that installed Horde and wants to run it from -25°C to 65°C - like putting Horde to the extreme. There were other extremes involved and I omit the details but it is always fascinating what people do with free software.

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