Monday, October 25, 2010

PHP Hudson tools

A while ago p@rdus published an easy to use toolset for PHP quality control purposes. Many PHP software tools left the good old hacky script era of PHP some years ago and nowadays quality control becomes increasingly important.

The toolset is primarily intended to provide a basis for the continuous integration setup of the upcoming Horde4 release. It helps to enforce commercial grade quality guidelines for the Horde4 code base and allows to publish this to the outside.

Since the Kolab Server bases a large part of it's functionality on PHP packages it is obvious that the toolset is likely to also play its role in the quality control of the server.

As the name implies the toolset is primarily oriented towards providing the standard PHP QA toolset for the Continuous Integration server Hudson.

The content of the package is a collection of PEAR based packages and an ant script for automated installation. Thus you can basically use the resulting toolset for any other purpose in the field of PHP QA, too.

The included software in detail:

The toolset hopefully helps to get you up and running with PHP QA in no time.

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