Monday, June 14, 2010


Last time I experimented with Gentoo-Prefix is about half a year ago. I don't know what type of problems I had back then but I remember I did not get far enough. Now - as I'm finally having a tiny bit of spare time for Kolab/Horde again - I did actually get it to compile and run. Nothing more than the base install. But I didn't see anything that would prevent me from trying to get a Kolab server running in such a prefix.

Combine that with the fact that the Kolab server is currently searching for a replacement for OpenPKG... ah, a tiny tiny little wee bit of hope. I don't think it will work out as I would like it to but at least I'm trying.

I believe the Kolab crowd will prefer a native installation method as their next primary platform. But OpenPKG had some significant advantages - even though nobody liked the distribution itself.

  • It can be installed on many distributions.
  • It only needs to be tested once and will have this tested stability independent of the distribution it is installed on.
  • It is a self contained system and the admins know they should keep changes in there to a minimum if they don't want to risk breaking the server.
  • Gentoo Prefix would allow us to retain these advantages. Ah, back to playing around...

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    1. Good stuff. Feel free to file Gentoo Prefix bug reports or utilize the mailing list if needed. :)