Sunday, November 13, 2011

Accessing PEAR server information with PHP

The number of PEAR servers has increased dramatically in recent times. Maybe due to the availability of Pirum - a simple PEAR server. Whatever the cause: there are plenty of package lists and package datasets available on the net these days. Accessing this data is not always easy though.

PEAR servers provide a well defined REST API that is usually queried using the PEAR toolset available via the basic PEAR package. That package however does not provide anything that I would consider to be a decent developers API.

So let me provide you with an alternative that is available via the Horde framework libraries: The Horde_Pear library.

The package comes with the Horde_Pear_Remote class wich provides you with high-level access to the REST interface of a PEAR server.

Creating an instance of this class without providing any arguments to the constructor will allow you to access the PEAR server at

$pear = new Horde_Pear_Remote();
print(join("\n", $pear->listPackages()));


Alternative servers can be specified in the first argument to the constructor:

$pear = new Horde_Pear_Remote('');
print(join("\n", $pear->listPackages()));


The full set of the functionality provided by Horde_Pear_Remote is detailed on our website.

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