Monday, June 02, 2008

layman-1.2.0 has been released

Finally another layman release. The list of open bugs accumulated during the past half year was rather small. So there is not much to say about it.

The most notable change is probably the changed default storage location. It has been switched from /usr/portage/local/layman to /usr/local/portage/layman. /usr/portage/local was an older location for overlays and using /usr/local/portage is advised nowadays.

The complete list of resolved bugs:

  • Added use flags for pulling in version control systems as a dependency (#168203)
  • Added umask handling (#186819)
  • Modified storage location and provided empty default make.conf (#219786)

And somebody provided an ebuild for layman bash completion. I'm going to take a look at that one soon.


  1. It would be neat if layman had a way to add overlays I'll actually be committing to, using an alternate, writable url.

  2. I always add another list of private overlays as also suggested in the config file (e.g. Is that not sufficient?

  3. I don't really like that as much, because I imagine large numbers of people duplicating the same information (everyone who commits to a given overlay).

  4. Are this really that many overlays? For the overlays I use on the read URL is the same as the write URL and I'm usually working within the layman checkout.

    I guess this might be different for git overlays, right?

    Could you give an example of an overlay where both URLs differ? Would this be different per user or is the write URL a generic one?

  5. Any git or svn overlay that writes with ssh instead of dav (which is pretty much crap all the time). It would often require a username. Example:

    anonymous: git://
    committer: git+ssh://