Wednesday, May 14, 2008

app-admin/pardalys was created in the Kolab overlay

If you look at the current ebuild you might wonder what the fuss might be about... It is a pretty empty package.

But the p@rdalys project will form the core for Kolab2/Gentoo-2.2. It will certainly replace net-mail/kolabd and might include some other packages, too.

The idea is to allow you to install Kolab2/Gentoo-2.2 with two simple steps:

emerge app-admin/pardalys

Of course there is still a certain way to go until it will actually work that way. And this easy setup is actually just meant as a nice side effect and is not the main point of starting the project. I'll start explaining this package in greater detail once I push more code into it.

For now the link to the project page will be all I can provide.

Currently it might not be clear what the package will actually be about but if people wish to contribute to the project at a later time point you should go visit the git repository on GitHub. This git repository should serve as a scratch repository used for easy sharing and patching of the code. The reference repository on the other hand will be kept in subversion on SourceForge and will be used for packaging.

More on the whole story once there is more code.

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