Friday, April 25, 2008

The OpenSourceSchool opens its doors

My publisher started with his next endeavor in bringing knowledge to the masses: The OpenSourceSchool. This time it is about spoken words - or courses - rather than written pages bound as books. Many OpenSourcePress authors are offering seminars there.

I would definitely have liked to offer a course about Gentoo there. But I had to agree with them that this would probably not raise enough interest from paying customers. Or am I wrong about that?

But of course there was room for the second topic dear to my heart: Kolab. The course will take five days and touch all major topics of the Kolab Server. Central components such as postfix, openldap, cyrus imap will provide the core components but I'll certainly also include a chapter about getting the Horde web client successfully installed. So we will hopefully have a new batch of Kolab experts in October.

And hopefully the preparations for the course will also help in laying the groundwork for a book about Kolab. This is the only book I still want to write after going through the pain of writing the Gentoo book.

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