Sunday, September 03, 2006

Virtual servers get converted to Gentoo

It looks like a number of people are not too happy about running SuSE on their virtual servers. I got a good deal of feedback on my HowTo that describes the conversion of a virtual server preinstalled with SuSE. I integrated all fixes and improvements that I received from various contributors. Thanks a lot to all of them!

While the instructions were initially targeted at the servers provided by 1 and 1 it definitely also works for the servers of Strato. Anyone with a success story on the servers of other companies?


  1. As long as I understand the Virtuozzo is the same as OpenVZ (, and YES - OpenVZ can host lots of different Operating systems. Except commercial ones, which depend on their own kernel.

    Really cool technology. Something similar to Solaris containers or bsd jails, but much cooler. You are not restricted to particular os version for virtual server here. All you need is linux distro which can can run with he same kernel the host server is using.

  2. In late 2006 I converted my vServer at server4you to Gentoo. I used your HowTo, too.